Monday, 6 October 2008

Getting into the Habit

It’s funny how you can get into the habit of doing things. Recently I have found that I have gotten into the habit of going shopping with my Mum, both clothes and food. This is never a good idea as I always come back having spent more money than I would have had I been alone! My dearest Mother, the woman who gave me life, who brought me into the world, who always says to me “Get it in every colour”…

That is the first part of the shopping extravaganza, the next part is when it get’s really interesting, next we go to Tesco’s! I know, my life is practically a movie it’s so exciting. So off we go to Tesco’s, and I do what any normal girl would do when put in that situation, I entertain myself as we go round. So if I am not throwing myself in front of the biscuits in slow motion shouting “noooo!” Then I am marching up and down the aisles with the new mop, humming to myself the Elephant song from the Jungle Book, occasionally pointing it at opposing vegetables and shouting “CHARGE!” while my mum rolls her eyes at me. Also, inevitably I end up picking up bits and pieces on the way round. I can’t seem to resist all the tiny little things that Tesco’s provide, it’s an act of restraint not to come our loaded with loot the way those clever store managers place all the tempting things around the place. So when we finally arrive at the till, mop intact, enemy’s defeated, I nearly always have to section off a little part of the conveyor belt to myself. My mother pointed this out to me the other day, and do you know what I had? Three DVD’s and a pot of olives. Sad or what? At my ages I should be buying condoms and vodka.

Mental Note: Next time buy condoms and Vodka.

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