Thursday, 2 October 2008

All this fuss over a sandwich?

Ok, picture this; your on your way to work, mentally going over the things you need to do during the day. I have to book this, file that, speak to such and such, you with me? As I am walking up the street I realise that (oh no!) I had run out or cereal the day before and had forgotten to put a new box in my bag. Now as we all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day, I decided to pop into a sandwich shop and get myself - bacon, white bread, brown sauce! Lovely. Now when aforementioned sandwich was purchased I spent the rest of the walk pondering on two things, 1) could I afford them luxury of a £4 breakfast? I am not earning loads and in my experience it's always the little extravagances that will haunt your overdraft. 2) A moment on the lips and all that...

Then it happens. All this fuss over a bacon sandwich?

I arrive at work to the usual goldfish experience, the head snap up as you arrive, gormless attention following you as you take your coat off put, down your bad. Then they see the sandwich.
"Where's ours!?"
"One call it would have took!"
Yeah one call and about £20, what do they think I am made of money? I though the £4 was a stretch.
"We are a Team!"
"Yeah, were a team," I retort, "Only when your hungry!"
Possible a mistake, a rash statement, but I was angry. Were we a Team yesterday when I got Tag Teamed by the Terrible Duo? Were we a Team yesterday when my work wasn't up to scratch? Where was the 'support' there?

Then, the icing on the cake, my boss says to me...

"Oi, Happy. You sitting in on this interview?"
I ask you, why would I want to take anything from a man that can behave like an obnoxious child? So I say no, I have other things to do. He then promptly throws his toy's out the pram, the way only he can, and tells She Who Cannot be Named that she can do the interview instead.

It's amazing the drama, two pieces of bread and some bacon can cause, and it's only 9:30...

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