Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Dictionary Definition

1.  a female given name, form of Alice.
2.  a rare but formidable creature found in the harsh and little known land of Canada (kuhn-yah-duh).  Due to the unruly climate of Canada this creature has formed tough skin to withstand both icy temperatures and the icy words of bitchy snow beasts.  Though recently she has been sighted prowling around Sweden (sweed-n) and other parts of Europe. She is small so as to camouflage when needing to avoid unwanted male pursuit, but has also developed impressive vocal chords to attract wanted attention.  Quick to run she has proven hard to catch but can usually be found in the local bar or club.  Take care though, when startled, she has been known to lash out and bite those that get too close.  The easiest way to view this flighty creature is when sleeping, easy to spot by the gaping mouth and the snorting noises she emits.  All in all a pleasant addition to Vallgatan and one that will be missed greatly.
3.  Friend (frend).
 Sketch taken when spotted in Munich, Germany.