Wednesday, 3 December 2008

The Fridge

My Dad, the Messiah of the Easy Life, was faced with the decision about our new fridge. Our current fridge has broken but luckily it was still under warranty, they have provided us with a voucher to buy a new one.

The model we currently have is no longer produced.

Options are explained to him:

A) Get new fridge, it will not match the freezer.
B) Get new fridge and freezer, at an extra cost of £100, with the additional option of selling our current freezer.

His response:

Well, why can't we just get the same fridge?

Options are explained to him, again

I just don't understand this - followed by a huge sigh and eye rolling.

What is there not to understand? The thing is 5 years old, I don't have socks that old, let alone technology.

I'm going to call them.

I don't understand what good that will do but if you must.

An hour later, in outraged tone - They don't make the model anymore!

I'm fairly sure we already told you that. Did you think we were lying? An underhand scheme to obtain fridge domination, perhaps?

I can't believe they have stopped making that model!

Believe it. It's true. Move on.

So what do we do now?!

Options are explained to him again.

They told me before we could get the same model!

I'm sure they did and it had nothing to do with you misunderstanding. Move on.

What do you think we should do?

We have it narrowed down to two options. Options are explained to him again.

I can't believe we can't get the same fridge!

Your right, clearly this is some sort of fridge conspiracy.

So we have to get a different fridge?

That's right, we're making progress. Options are explained to him again.

Large Sigh, long suffering shrug and eye rolling. Shuffles out of room.


4 Hours later - Just do what you think is best.

Not quite a decision but at least he was involved in the decision making process. A process that he managed to slow down by an entire week.

FYI Fridge still leaking...

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