Tuesday, 9 September 2008

The Princess and the Paper Maker

Once Upon a Time, In a land far enough away for you not to notice it, there lived a young Admin Assistant, called Bubble. Her job was very boring but she didn’t mind, and she worked hard. She dreamed of one day growing up to become a Manager, and having her own Assistants alphabetise all her files!

However it would not be easy for young Bubble, the whole village was under the rule of the evil Princess Petal, and she did not like other little girls to be as important as her! Princess Petal was as wicked as a wasp and she had a long, razor sharp tongue which she used to slice up anything that got in her way.

On one occasion old Mrs Spots had saved and saved and saved until she was able to buy three cows. With three cows Mrs Spots was able to sell milk to the whole village and was all set to become very wealthy! Princess Petal did not want Mrs Spot to be as important as her so one night she snuck out of her castle and down to the barn. The using her razor sharp tongue she cut the ropes that tied up the cows and set them all free! Now Mrs Spots is poor and had to move back in with her son.

One day Bubbles boss, The Manager, came down to Bubbles desk. “Bubble” he said “I have seen how hard you work young lady and I want to give you a special project.” Bubble was very excited, a special project all her own! “I want you to go to the paper fair tomorrow and buy a Paper Maker. If you can get the Paper Maker then the company won’t have to buy paper every year and we can save the money.” The Manager took out of his pocket three gold coins and gave them to Bubble. “Don’t lose this money Bubble” He said “And if you are successful at the fair I will make you my Personal Assistant!”

Bubble skipped all the way home that afternoon. Imagine! Her, a Personal Assistant to The Manager! That was a pretty big deal to a girl like Bubble.

On the way home Bubble ran into her friend Sylvie. Sylvie worked as a maid, in the castle, for Princess Petal. “Hi Sylvie!” Said Bubble “You’ll never guess what! I’m going to the Paper Fair tomorrow!” But Sylvie didn’t look excited. “Oh Bubble” She said “Princess Petal has heard about the Manager’s deal with you and she is going to spoil it!” Bubble gasped, this was terrible news! “She plans to sneak down to the Paper Fair in the morning and break the Paper Maker with her razor sharp tongue!” cried Sylvie “I heard her telling her Parents about it when I was scrubbing the floor.” “Oh no!” though Bubble, what could she do? If she didn’t get the Paper Maker then she would never be The Managers Personal Assistant! “Don’t worry Sylvie, I’ll think of something” she said.

All night Bubble tossed and turned trying to think of a plan, how could she outsmart the Princess? She didn’t have a razor sharp tongue like Princess Petal, Bubble was too kind.

The next morning Bubble got up super early to get to the fair first, it was still dark as she snuck to the field it was held in to prepare her plan. The field was full of brightly coloured tents with people all over setting up their stalls. They were selling all different kinds of paper! Bubble was super impressed by it all! Lined paper and plain paper, big paper and little paper! Right at the Back Bubble saw the Paper Maker, all shiny in a bright blue tent. Bubble hurried to set up her plan!

Later on Princess Petal swaggered down to the fair, and even she was impressed by all the different types of paper! They even had sparkly paper! Everyone know that princess like anything that is sparkly! She walked though until she saw a bright blue tent that held the Paper Maker. “Ah Ha!” she thought. She hurried over and was about to use her razor sharp tongue to slice up the machine when she saw just below the machine was a small table and on the table was a cupcake, with pink, sparkly icing. Next to the cupcake was a sign that said “Free”.

Everyone knows that Princess Petal can’t resist free food but her parents had told her that she mustn’t eat so much as she couldn’t be a portly princess! She looked around her, there was no one looking, maybe if she just sneaked it quickly with her tongue, it was such a delicious looking cupcake.

Carefully Princess Petal slid her tongue over to the cupcake and wrapped it around the cupcake, but something was wrong, it was heavy and she couldn’t lift it! What was going on? It wasn’t a cupcake at all; it was a stone, painted as a cupcake! Before she could pull it back into her mouth Bubble has spring from her hiding place and held onto the tongue. Then quick as a flash she cut most of it off leaving Princess Petal with just a little tongue, like everyone else. “There!” Said Bubble “Now you can’t hurt anyone with your vicious tongue ever again!”

Princess Petal clapped hare hands over her mouth and ran off crying, back to the castle. Princess Petal never bothered anyone again; the village could live in peace.

Before long Bubble had become a Personal Assistant and her greatest joy was taking The Manager his tea in the morning. Sylvie had become the Head Housekeeper in the Castle; she always left the Princess’s room until last so that it had become extra dirty! Even Mrs Spots found her cows so she was able to move out of her son’s house and not bother him anymore! So you see things worked out for the best.

And they all lived as happily as expected…

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